Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Help - I Need Somebody

Could some one please explain to commenter 93143 in this thread why he has misunderstood physics re: particle accelerators/decelerators. I have lost my patience.


RavingDave said...

Not that I can help, but i'll try. Apart from that, I will admit I've always had difficulty understanding the "recirculation" concept. It has always struck me that the corner cusps resemble a reflex klystron. You have an electron source(wiffleball) atracted to a positively charged grid with a hole in it. (MagGrid) with a repeller plate beyond that.
(Repeller grid, or grounded grid or whatever you want to call it.)

It seems to me that electons worming their way up the magnetic field in the cusp will accelerate towards the positively charged MagGrid, and once they get beyond it, they will encounter the repeller grid and decellerate back towards the MagGrid, and if they don't oscillate based on the electron transit period, they ought to just get stuck in a cloud in that spot serving as a virtual repeller grid.

I don't know. But it looks like a reflex klystron to me, albeit without a resonate cavity and with a magnetic field.


Tom Cuddihy said...

I think you already diagnosed the problem, simon: not enough, perhaps even no actual hands-on-experience with vacuum tubes. He's an obviously exceptionally educated person who clearly gets the math, which in today's physics world is considered 9/10s of the required understanding. I would say it's a fair guess, though, that he's never built a crystal radio or messed with a vacuum-tube amplifier.

Snake Oil Baron said...

My cat's breath smells like cat fud.

Anonymous said...

And here I thought you were going to beg for an ethernet cable...or money...or....bikini contests?

Funny, I see Art is doing a nice job of dismantling the polywell fantasy. You sure seem quiet on the threads where he is involved. Cat got your tongue?

I'd say there is a 99% chance of making this work as a power generator.

Are you still brash enough to make statements like that? I'm sure we'll know in 6-9 months, right?

Tom Cuddihy said...


Ok, if Art Carlson has dismantled the polywell fantasy, could you kindly point to the post in which he does so? I haven't seen a single point of his that has not either been
1. adequately answered (because his assumption was wrong) or
2. correctly pointed out where he is factually in error (in one case rick Nebel himself pointing out that several decades of IEC research have already answered his criticism in the negative, with references)or
3. been unproveable speculation that the WB-7 results will either vindicate or disprove, so it's not a long wait.

If you can find a criticism of polywell that doesn't meet this criteria, please link to it.

LarryD said...

Remember, realty trumps theory. WB-7 will either work or it wont.