Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please Come To Denver

Jeff Gold of Stop Obama is discussing the plans of Recreate '68 to disrupt the Democrat convention in Denver in order to make sure Obama gets the nomination. A Brown Shirt operation.

...Obama supporters - lovers of popular democracy - are already threatening to tear down the Democratic Convention in Denver.

They call themselves "Recreate 68" (R68) and while they claim no association with Barack Hussein Obama, the facts speak otherwise:

1) Recreate 68's claim of being both against Obama and Clinton, is false. While there are no traces of "official Obama campaign" input into R68, an Anti-Clinton spirit predominates, and considerable R68 contingents are active in the official Obama campaign- with direct ties to influential Obama activists.

2) Leading R68 coalition members have both a history of harassing the Clinton Campaign, and pledging financial support for Obama.

3) Leading R68 organizers make explicit reference to stopping "superdelages" and emphasize a "fight against racism" and equally, the need to protest in Denver with "victims of racism". This obviously has nothing to do with Clinton, everything to do with Obama.
It might be a good idea to take a look at some of the Recreate '68 organizing principles.
2. To maintain solidarity with and respect the guidelines of all permitted activities, recognizing that there are many individuals who seek a safe and peaceful protest.
Implying of course that there are some who want violent protest. That should be great for news and blogging. I can't wait. A lot of leading bleeding.
6. Not to turn people over to the police, or share information with the police about other groups.
7. Not to publicly criticize the tactics used by other parts of our movement or cooperate with media efforts to be divisive or portray good protester/bad protester.
8. To publicly condemn police repression and brutality.
9. To be conscious that if violence or property destruction does occur, we will do what we can to help prevent it from being blown out of proportion and dominating the media coverage.
10. To remember that, when all is said and done, our greatest victory will be an activist community with a renewed sense of strength and unity.
I think we are starting to get a sense of what "community organizing" is all about. Say, wasn't Obama a community Organizer in his youth? Yes he was.

And what is all this Strength and Unity blather? I have a link to a nice letter from 1968 explaining the necessity of Strength and Unity. The letter is from Czechoslovakia.

Which brings us back to Jeff Gold.
"Recreate 68" seeks to recreate the spirit of the bloody Democratic National Convention of 1968 held in Chicago, and speaks with two heads. One head issues veiled threats to Denver authorities about inevitable conflict, another head claims it seeks to recreate not the blood of Chicago in 68, but the spirit of uprising and revolution permeating the globe in a year when Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated, Czechoslovakia saw its independence crushed, Paris was set a blaze by students, and Chicago became an American sideshow.
Well, that is the background. Jeff goes on at length, if you want to read more you know where to find him.

Now comes the second and possibly more interesting part of the story. Who is behind Recreate '68? Is there an Obama connection?
I stated previously, no evidence of official Obama campaign input into R68 exists. What we do possess, is evidence of R68 output into the Obama campaign. A clear relationship exists between those preparing disruptions in Denver, and those who support Obama. This explains why the disruptions R68 plans in Denver, will be minimal if Obama is elected, and maximum if he is not.

While R68 organizers claim neutrality in the Democratic Contest- by their own irrational admissions - if Clinton secures the Party Nomination, they promise 50,000 protesters. If Obama gets the nod, anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 max.
Well at this point that is Jeff's opinion. Let's see if he can back that up with sources.
If Hillary gets the nomination, we're going to have very large numbers -- a solid 50,000 people at every event," said organizer Glenn Spagnuolo. [politico]

If Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic presidential nomination, street protests at the party's national convention in Denver would number 50,000 people [source]
From my amateurish survey of R68's organization forces, their alliances, and their activists, a Clinton victory would provide them with a minimum 50,000 protesters. The reasons are plenty, and include Code Pink.
Jeff goes on at length to point out how anti-Hillary Code Pink is.

Then he gets to the heart of the matter.
For an openly pro-Obama and virulently anti-Clinton organization, to join in an effort to recreate the malaise of Chicago's 1968 Convention, amounts to extortion of the DNC; it is fascist, in its reliance on fear and violence.

R68 amounts to a strong-arming lf the DNC to submit the Party's Nomination decision not to the party or its vote, but to a vocal, and militant fascist minority!

It's as if Hamas regularly held rallies on Obama's behalf, contributed to his campaign, and then threatened to participate in uprisings against the DNC if Obama doesn't secure the nomination!
Say. Didn't Hamas endorse Obama? Yes they did.

And there is more.
The last, and potentially most powerful organizations which has yet to declare interest in R68, but is part of R68 networks and has been communicating a similarly militant message of confrontation for over half a year, is non other than MoveOn.

MoveOn, was behind the creation of the Color of Change (CoC), has involved both itself and the CoC, along with the League of Young Voters, in a gigantic coalition to indirectly promote Youth Participation, a message consistently appearing in R68's main communication channel - the Guerrilla News Network "RedPill" publication!

So far, MoveOn has yet to formally endorse R68, but placing militant banners on R68's flagship newspaper, is already a call to action. The message reads:

Nobody Is Going To Give You Anything, You Have to Take It
You know what I'm predicting? Like all mobs this one will be beyond the control of its organizers. In other words Blood In The Streets™.

As Stephen Green said in his post on the Pennsylvania election results.
The Democrats' process is designed to give everyone "a voice." Not a win, not a candidate, but "a voice." Unless, of course, the unelected and unaccountable "superdelegates" capriciously choose to strip the people of their voice. In which case, you know, too bad. What the Democratic primaries don't do -- what they seemed designed to put off doing -- choosing a nominee for the office of the President of the United States of America.

And for that, every pundit drawing a paycheck can be thankful. I raise my glass to Obama, to Clinton, to Howard Dean, to the DNC, and to every "bevoiced" Democrat across this great land of ours.

May they long be confused, and may the nation (or at least my paycheck) long prosper for it.
So would some one please Show Me The Money?

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Joshua said...

And to think that, until quite recently, everyone thought Denver was just going to be the Left's warm-up act for the "real" protests in St. Paul during the GOP convention. But with the way the Dem race has gone down, and now this R68 group, St. Paul may end up being an afterthought. As a native of the Twin Cities area I am relieved (somewhat), but I don't envy the authorities in Denver one bit.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Sounds to me like you've got a real hard-on for some head-cracking.

Just so long as other folks do the dirty work.

M. Simon said...


Entertainment at its best.

BTW I was at Century City in '68 for Johnson's speech. You could feel the crowd getting ugly. Fear and anger were in the air.

I remember talking to a communist girl in the park that afternoon. Lovely girl. She wanted to Take On The Man toe to toe. I told her she would get no where with it.

Next day I saw her picture in the paper getting her head cracked by the LAPD. I warned her.