Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stellar Performance

The American Thinker is taking a look at the latest poll results. It is not looking good for the fabulous Barry O.

* Arkansas: McCain leads Clinton 50-43. McCain leads Obama by 59-30.

* Kentucky: McCain leads Clinton 53-43. He destroys Obama 64-28.

* Lower middle income whites have deserted Obama. In one Pennsylvania poll, Clinton now leads Obama by 26. She has now taken the lead from him in North Carolina.

Rasmussen national numbers: Clinton 46, Obama 44.

* Head to head general: McCain 49, Obama 41; McCain 49, Clinton 43.
The Democrats are between a rock and a hard place. Blacks are their most reliable supporters. So how did Barry O! get the nod from the Democrat leaders?

Here is what I think. Hidden racism of the Dem leaders (that they so often accuse Republicans of) snookered them into anointing Obama.

A black man? Check
Half white? Check
Outstanding public speaker? Check
From a large state? Check
Harvard grad? Check
Taught at U Chicago? Check
Belongs to a large and popular black church? Check

Obviously, he is black and doesn't need vetting. The perfect candidate. Check!

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. All the way to November.

Already there are indications of anti-war protests in Denver by a group called Recreate '68. What happens when the Black man who played by the rules and is clearly ahead doesn't get the nod?

Blood in the streets.

1968 all over again. Will Detroit burn this time? Do Dems dare risk it? "Come on baby light my fire."


wayne fontes said...

Recreate 68 doesn't care one bit who gets the nomination. They're anarchists who are going to seize this opportunity to stage a televised riot.

M. Simon said...

In '68 the kids didn't know any better.

Today the people from '68 should have mentioned just one word to the kids.


That word still scares the hell out of me and I'm a Republican these days.

"Those who forget history..... "