Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Just Don't Get It

The Jews have the right idea.

Never forget what happened in Germany.

Never hold present day Germans (other than the haters) responsible for the sins of their ancestors.

That is what is so toxic about Wright. Did he thank the dead of Gettysburg for their sacrifice on his behalf?

Did he thank the Jews for their unwavering anti-racism? For their early support of the NAACP?

I drank out of a Colored Only water fountain when I was five (I knew what it meant and it offended me). My best friend in high school (drinking buddy) was black. I could go on. I can honestly say I don't have a racist bone in my body.

So why am I being held responsible for the racists in America? Most of whom are by now gone or out of power any way. BTW I'm a member of the original anti-slavery party. The party that first stood against slavery. A Republican. Why is that a dirty word in most of the black community? After the Civil War most blacks were Republicans. Why can't Wright remember that? There is so much else he has no trouble remembering.

How about the original KKK Party - the Democrats. How about the original surrender to the slave states party? The Democrats?

Does the Rev Wright want to build bridges and make alliances or just spew? What ever fills the collection plate, eh?

Obama will never, never, ever get my vote. The Jews are deserting the Dems en mass over Obama/Wright.

I just don't get it. Probably because I'm too white and too Jewish.

Let me remind you also of the "Battle Hymn of The Republic". Just in case you think anti-slavery did not motivate the Northern troops.

Do you think they might sing that at Wright's church?

It is the closing song at Republican Party conventions.

And yet we are being accused of being the racist party. I don't get it.

Obama/Wright has done a better job of denying the black community allies than David Duke could ever have done. Is a simple "Thank you for your sacrifice" too much to ask?

Jews are eternally grateful for what America did in WW2 (even though it could have possibly done more). Where is the love that Jesus preached - at least love for black allies, let alone enemies?

I just don't get it.

Prompted by A Dream Defeated.

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Pal2Pal said...

I don't get it either. I'm not Jewish, but I was raised in an area where I didn't have a school friend who wasn't Jewish until junior high. One of my closest friends was born at Auschwitz 3 days before the camp liberation. Her mother always wore a thick silver bracelet to cover her number tattoo on her wrist. The family I babysat for were survivors of an Anne Frank-like experience in Belgium. He was a Cantor at the local synagogue.

We all went to a very religious/ethnic/race diverse Summer camp and we didn't know we were supposed to hate or blame each other.

My Mother took me to the Bible School at the downtown Mission for a week each year so I could learn that children are children and skin color makes no difference. I was the only white child out of about 20 three, four and five year olds.

My paternal family's ancestors were abolitionist Quakers who allowed their farm in Pennsylvania to be used as a safe house stop on the Underground Railroad. My Mother marched with Dr. King in Alabama and Washington, DC in the '60s and started the first girl scout troop for African Americans in our area in the early 1940s. So I don't feel the least need to feel guilty. In fact, I refuse to be guilted in to feeling any sympathy for the likes of Wright or Obama, both of whom had more advantages financially and educationally than I had or my children have.

M. Simon said...


What a wonderful story.


LarryD said...

And there is the inconvient truth that the Civil Rights Act would never have passed without Republican support, which was stronger than the Democratic support.

baldilocks said...

About the CRA and the VRA: it's never taught in school that nearly all of the Republicans in both houses of the legislative branch voted for the two Acts but only half of the Democrats did so. I only found out ten years ago via the Internet (I'm 46.)

Face this: the Dems have done a better PR job than their counterparts. That plus the non-education of public school student since the sixties equals what we have today.