Monday, March 31, 2008

Buyers' Remorse 2008 Edition

It seems like the Democrats are having a bad case of buyers remorse.

If I ever reflect on how it is that I went from being a huge fan of Obama's, to a person who was excited about him and waiting to hear his plans, to wondering why I was not hearing anything tangible, to coming to terms with that fact he had no intention of clarifying anything, to coming to understand that he was a shallow pretender, to loathing everything his campaign represents - I will look no further than this email I received today from an Obamite:
let me guess with all respect,
-- you are below college education. thats for sure. right?
-- you have a working class background. thats also for sure. right?
-- you are not interested in politics. thats possible. right?
-- you prefer to eat cheese stakes at geno's. thats also possible. right?
-- your are just a bad bad-boy who likes to play mind games. maybe. right?
have a nice day
I loath these people. I will vote for McCain or no one if Obama gets the nomination.
That is a lot of excluded Americans. What rankles the most though is the elitist attitudes. Obama is not a candidate for the masses but, for the elite. If this is the attitude of Obama supporters, it has to come from somewhere. I wonder if Obama is too associated to University education, what with his Harvard Degree and his teaching job at the University of Chicago.

One thing we know for sure is that Obama has turned out a lot of college educated kids for his caucus wins. What ever it is, a lot of Democrats seem totally turned off to his candidacy. If he is having this kind of trouble with his own party, how does he expect to do well with Independents and Republicans?

Already he is having trouble with Jewish voters. Normally Jewish voters vote 75/25 in favor of Democrats. So far after the Wright flap he is down to 50/50. I don't think he has yet reached bottom. These things take time to percolate through a community and we have about seven more months to the election. So what does that mean? New Jersey, New York, and Florida - gone. Let us look at what that means in terms of the electoral college.

NJ - 15 votes
NY - 31 votes
FL - 27 votes
Sum- 73 votes

That is a heck of a deficit without even counting states that are reliably Republican. I have visited sites, where Democrats are discussing whether it is better for Hillary to lose or Obama. That is quite a turn around from the heady days just six months ago where Democrats were expecting to walk away with this election.

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Joeseph said...

I notice that the elite Obamite could not spell 'steak'.