Thursday, January 10, 2008

Making History

Obama wants to make history. So did I at one time.

You know, I'm from Illinois. We had a chance to make history before. I fell for it. Carol Moseley Braun. Other than her stance on the Drug War (leave the pot heads alone), I had nothing in common with her policies. But. I. Wanted. To. Make. History.

I helped make history alright. That dead turkey stunk up the house (Senate actually) for six years. Defeated by Peter Fitzgerald who was a good guy but too straight (honest) for the big time. He was a one termer. And then through the machinations of a leaker of Ryan's divorce proceedings and my state Senator Dave Syverson(R) we got the Keyes vs Obama match up.

So here we are today. BTW Obama came from U. Chicago and Braun went to U. Chicago after her term. Seems suspicious to me. And I'm an alum and my son graduated from there in June.

IMO Fred is the only good guy in the race and the Rs are doing to him what the Ds did to Tsongas. I believe some one asked Tsongas what would happen if he didn't get the nomination. I think his reply was along the lines of "You're screwed". Which brings us to Bill and Shrillary.

Oh. Well. I survived.

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RavingDave said...

I too think that Fred Thompson is the best choice, however I think John McCain is the Next best choice. Hell, any republican, with the possible exception of Mike Huckabee, would be a better choice than any democrat. I belive that the problem with Fred Thompson (in the eyes of primary voters) is that he waltzed into the competition late, making comments like " if we don't get any good candidates then I guess i'll run " or some such, and then he seemed to expect to be crowned immediately.
Though I think he would be an great pick, and a good President, his attitude of assuming he was the obvious choice almost a year after the others had started campaigning indicates he seriously misread the way this would be regarded by the Primary voters.
Hillary did the same thing , and look how it's shapped up for her so far. Voters hate arrogance.