Friday, January 11, 2008

Imperial America

Imperialism is killing America,

We have troops in England, Germany, Japan, South Korea and now Iraq.

If we stay long enough in Iraq for a viable democracy to be established it will ruin the Middle East just as it has ruined Germany, Japan, and South Korea.

Bring the troops home now!


Snake Oil Baron said...

Parody and satire don't work on people who hate America. One has to be able to understand it for it to make one think.

OregonGuy said...

You missed your moment.

Patrick Buchanan ran in the last cycle.

Are you suggesting a Draft Buchanan effort?

M. Simon said...


As Snake Oil pointed out. Sarcasm and satire are hard to tell from reality these days.

I never liked Pat and I think American Imperialism is a good thing.

Broadsword said...

Who would have imagined in 1952 that some 30-40 years on, South Korea would be manufacturing and exporting cars? Iraq will go from a net importer of terrorists to an exporter of what in 20-40 years? Certainly food. Brainpower perhaps?