Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drug War Encourages Prostitution

I have recently posted on how the drug war fuels the the war on guns.

Evidently by keeping prices for some drugs high it also fuels prostitution.

Anneli Alderton, 24, had been an "excellent student", spending part of her childhood in Cyprus and becoming bilingual, her mother Maire Alderton said.

But when she moved back to Ipswich at the age of 14 her life went off the rails when her father died and she turned to prostitution to fund her drug habit. She had been in prison four times.
Now I can't think of a major politician who isn't against drugs and prostitution (unless you count Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich as major and they only cover drugs). And yet their fight against these social problems only makes them worse. Of course the government is only here to help. And when - like Sharia - there is a law for everything we will certainly have a perfect world. Unless Le Chatelier's Principle intervenes. Short version - you push on a balloon in one place, it tends to expand in others to compensate.

In any case these wars on vice are typical Republican Socialism. Price Supports for vice and crime.


RavingDave said...

It is my belief that due to nature's tendecy to try everything, it is impossible to eliminate all bad things or crime, but it is the Government's responsibility to minimize it to whatever degree is possible.

Drug usage has been legal in various countries at various times in history, and many of them have decided to outlaw it. I dare say that whatever the problems are with illegal drugs, various peoples and governments have decided that the problems with legal drugs are worse, and therefore they outlawed them.

It is my understanding that opium addiction was so bad in China that the Chinese government established a policy of executing opium addicts. And so the Great Dragon used a Draconian method to control their problem and it worked. Of course the British weren't too happy about it because they, of course, were the drug dealers.(of that era)

I suppose the point I am trying to make is that if you think the war on drugs (which you are refering to as Republican socialism) is really all that horrible, have you given a great deal of thought as to whether the alternative is much worse ?
I suspect it is.


M. Simon said...


The Drug War was about as well thought out as was Alcohol Prohibition.

In fact the Harrison Narcotics Act was passed in 1914 by the same people who got us Alcohol Prohibition in 1920.

To think it was rational would make you a ludicrat. I know that is not possible so I'll write it off to the fact that you have not studied the history of Drug Prohibition.

May I suggest:

Drug War History

The same thing that happened re: alcohol prohibition happened with drug prohibition.

Before alcohol prohibition we had an alcohol problem. Afterwards we had an alcohol + crime problem.

See the parallels?

Plus it is a class war.

Class War

Treatment vs Recreation

Round Pegs In Round Holes

al fin said...

In Australia, girls as young as 11 are selling themselves for a couple cans of beer.

Something seems wrong with that picture.

M. Simon said...

Girls sell services for beer

The answer of course is not to crack down on child predators, but make beer harder to get.

Genius. Sheer genius.

Anonymous said...

Hi. nice blog.Hopefully, this does not come across as spam, but rather a heartfelt reach out to the thousands of addicts/alcoholics who struggle every year with relapse and depression, which has become all too common within the recovery movement. With some hard work and self-discipline, using the program mentioned above, I feel no one ever has to relapse again.please advice them to take a drug treament program.

M. Simon said...


Drug/alcohol treatment is a scam. Since alcohlol/drug use is a symptom.

You cannot cure symptoms.

The disease of course is internalized pain from trauma. As of today we know of no way to cure the internalized pain.

The point of rehab is to deny people pain relief. Which is a violation of the Hippocratic Oath.

Rehab is anti-medicine. It is not a cure for anything. It is rank quackery. At best.

Another point is that the extreme response to trauma that causes "addiction" is genetic. So punishing people for drug use is in fact genetic discrimination.