Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The War Lords of Afghanistan

An Afghan member of parliament warns of another 9/11.

KABUL, Afghanistan -- One of Afghanistan's leading members of parliament, Mrs. Malalai Joya, warns that the current U.S. policy in Afghanistan is virtually certain to lead to another 9/11.

Joya has a unique perspective. In 2003, she blew the whistle on warlords and drug traffickers whom she said were being incorporated into the Afghan government. Ever since, she has received death threats on a daily basis.

"The circle — of terrorism, drug lords, and warlords ... will be complete when the Taliban comes in," she warns.
So who supports the drug lords? American prohibition policy.

Without drug prohibition opium poppies are just another vegetable crop. With prohibition the vegetables are worth their weight in gold.

Plus I believe the whole premise of the drug war is to fight a phantom menace: Is Addiction Real?

Well the Afghani Government is not filled with fools. There was a movement to make poppy cultivation in Afghanistan legal for medicine and research purposes. That move has been quashed.

I keep wondering when my favorite capitalist party in America (the Republicans) are going to give up socialism?

Do Republicans support drug prohibition because it finances criminals or because it finances terrorists?

Republican Socialism. Price supports for criminals and terrorists.

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