Friday, November 10, 2006

Noble Deed

The American Thinker has published an anonymous letter from Kuwait. The author points out the failure of oil socialism in Kuwait. He (?) also points out what a noble deed Americans did liberating Kuwait in 1991 and Iraq in 2003.

But the most important point I want to make is this: America did a wonderful, a noble deed, laugh if you will at this language. Americans were attacked. And they liberated the Iraqi people, who played a large part in attacking them. If you don’t believe the Iraqis had WMDs, a nuclear program and had a close working relationship with Al Qaeda, I’ve got some beachfront property in Arizona, I’d like to sell you. The evidence is there. People refuse to access it, read it and acknowledge it. But it’s there. I am constantly amazed at the denail of this evidence. But I suppose we see what we want to see. Those who were in Kuwait during the occupation witnessed the brutality. Do you know what it is like to live in fear? Lving next door to a brutal dictator makes these connections seem more plausible.

I was in Kuwait as soon as you could go back after the liberation. As an American I was shocked when I heard Kuwaiti students say they rented the American army…and since they had paid, what need had they to feel grateful to Americans? I was saddened to learn that this is a typical attitude. The outpouring of genuine gratutide and friendship after the Gulf War was very brief and I can’t understand why except I know that Kuwaitis wanted to remain a part of the Gulf Arab “family.” Or later to read of a “sheika” (princess) complaining about the inconvenience of having American troops in Kuwait…it made it difficult for her to get to her grandmother’s chalet (beach house). (The American presence here is almost invisible. Troops are hidden away.)

After the Iraq war, I read the blogs, and sure enough I found Iraqis sneering (as Kuwaitis had) “oh, we would have overthrown Saddam if we had enough time”. Now this is what the Arabs call a “mentality”-it’s a way of thinking. To counter-act that mentaility our troops and contract workers have worked hardunder the leadership and policy of George W. Bush-to turn that victim and blame mentaility into a take-responsibility mentality. To make people see that taking responsbility gets results. If we had done as the writer of the articler suggested and made a client state, we would have seething resentment, anger and victim mentality and another problem to solve down the road. It might have looked something like the Palestinian “state”. A stubborn refusal to cooperate, a fatalistic victim outlook.
I do believe Bush has done about as well as could be expected given what he has to work with.

It will be interesting to see if the Democrats can do any better. If not look for a Republican landslide in '08.

None the less anon is bitter:
But the real reason Republicans lost is Americans still believe they are invincible and the threat isn’t real. The war is “over there”. Terrorists are like pesky mosquitos. It’s not close to home. Except for a brief period when one of those airplane bomb scares almost happens. Americans have invented the technology that can destroy them but they don’t realize it. It’s like 9-11 never happened.

I hope the American soldiers go home right away. I don’t want to see them die for nothing anymore since the terrorists are right that we aren’t long term strategists like they are. I can’t believe that Americans would elect Democrats when the terrorists said before the election that’s what the wanted.-when the terrorists said Americans won’t staywe know they won’t stay-just wait, you’ll see. When the President of Iran congratulated the Democrats on their victory because now the problem will be resolved. Please let me know what answer the Democrats are giving to that endorsement. Particularly John Murtha. I really would be interested if you featured that as one of the little items on your home page: John Murtha’s reply to the terrorists. How are Dems responding to the happiness of terrorists? How is withdrawing from Iraq not in algnment with terrorist objectives?

We win wars spectacularly and then snatch defeat from the jaws of victory because of a lack of patience, fortitude. and knowledge. It’s deja vu al over again—just like the Gulf War.
Actually it got started in Korea and reached its peak in Vietnam.

Man it is just like the 60s all over again. The music is mostly the same and I do not party quite as hardy and I have switched sides (cut and run is no longer music to my ears), but otherwise as a famous yogi once said and repeated by anon above "It’s deja vu all over again."

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