Friday, November 24, 2006

The Killings Will Increase

Given the horrific bombings in Iraq in the last few days I'm going to make a wild ass guess as to why they happened and what the future holds.

First off I think this is the result of the Democrats getting elected. It is now two weeks since the Ds got elected. Time enough to plan and execute some new attacks. Pretty much throughout the Middle East the election was looked at as a repudiation of Bush and a direction by the American people to leave Iraq ASAP.

So what does a good army do when the enemy retreats? Pursue. In this case use more and worse of the tactics that gained "victory".

So what do I expect in the future? At least three to six more months of intensified killing. To end this in their favor the jihadis must maintain the dissatisfaction of the American people with the war and test the will of the new Congress.

Am I saying that if Congress had remained Republican that attacks would be steady or declining? Yes. Me? I voted straight Republican including dog catcher. I knew what was at stake. Fifty or one hundred billion in corruption is nothing compared to the lives of the Iraqis. Or for that matter any other reason that made you stay home or vote for the Democrat (assuming you are an independent or Republican or even a pro Iraq democracy Democrat).

Oh well. If we can hold out it will still be a life saving venture compared to what will happen when we leave.


Rick said...
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Rick said...

This is the result of the Democrats getting elected?

I'm sorry, was the situation in Iraq better before the mid-term elections?

Watch the video below --- that tells the real story of the carnage that we have unleashed in that nation. Congrats to the neo-cons; who would have though that they could facilitate the flow of so much blood; but I guess Muslim blood isn't nearly as valuable as Christian, is it?

linearthinker said...

rick said...
"...Congrats to the neo-cons..."

He should have said congrats to the democrats and MSM for five years of unrelenting Bush bashing and misrepresentation.

Don't be sorry, Rick. You should rejoice. We'll now get to see what your side brings to the game.

Rick said...

5 years of Bush-bashing?

Did Bush bashing result in the illegal invasion of Iraq that was instigated by false intelligence reports?

Did Bush bashing result in the legalization of torture and murder by American troops?

Did Bush bashing result in a Middle East that is now more sympathetic to terrorists than before the invasion?

Did Bush bashing result in the death of Habeus Corpus in America?

No, all of these things are the results of George Bush's administration; the Bush bashing is a natural consequence.

Yes, we shall see how the Democrats do. Of course, it's going to take about two decades to clean up the mess that the neo-cons made.

The Administration screwed up Afghanistan because it had a collective hard-on for Iraq. Now it has screwed up Iraq because it has had no strategy for winning. And no, winning is not a strategy... it is the result of a good strategy.

Stop drinking the kool-aid long enough to recognize what a mess has been created by a corrupt, unethical and deceitful group of individuals. Bush and Cheney shouldn't just be impeached... they should be tried for war crimes.

linearthinker said...

Like I said, "You should rejoice. We'll now get to see what your side brings to the game."

Stick around. I have some work to do, but I'll try to respond to your last rant a little later. It's too good to pass up.

In the meantime, pry yourself away from DU or the kossacks long enough to do a little reading at The American Thinker. It might enlighten you.


M. Simon said...


John Kerry was using the same intel in 2002 to council against war. You know the - a lot of troops could die from chemical weapons. Hilliray thought there were chem weapons. etc.

Legalization of torture was done by Congress.

AS I understand it our side punishes murder. Ever hear of the jihadis holding a tribunal for intentional killing of civilians? Me neither.

I suppose you attitude in WW2 was that fighting the Japanese and Germans will only make them madder. So what?

If habeas corpus is dead it was done in by Congress and the courts. Whant to bet the Dems do nothing about it except hold hearings?

Some times the only strategy for winning is to stay in the game and wait for an opportunity.

The I Ching counsels: perseverance furthers. The Irai elected government has been in operation for less than a year and you are ready to give them up?

In any case Rick the jihadis know what to do to make sure you don't change your mind: kill more Iraqis. They obviously have your number. i.e. thanks for making my point.