Saturday, June 03, 2006

Haditha Link Fest

Here is a round up of sites with information and measured judgement (innocent until proven guilty).

The Mudville Gazette on framing the reports.

Mudville Gazette also looks at what happened in Ishaqi and discrepancies in the Haditha reports.

Mudville Gazette's front page for today also has more links for media stories on Haditha.

Dean Esmay on jumping the gun in Haditha.

Sweetness and Light on the provenance of the reporter of the Haditha story.

Hot Air has a Marine in words and video.

Hot Air also has witnesses.

Hot Air says Captain Kimber had no indication from the city council anything was amiss.

Hot Air has a bit on Haditha and the "objectively on the other side" left.

Those hot Air folks have been busy. The last bit mentioned has a lot of links if you can't get enough.

Michael Yon talks about the stress of combat in Iraq.

Lawhawk has interesting comments and links. He says there is no substantiation for the claims. That is such a hot topic I'm going to provide a link.

Winds of Change discusses Murtha.

Update: 03 June '06 2148z

Terrorist murder of 19 conflated with events at Haditha.

Update: 04 June '06 1615z

Don Surber fisks a NYTs editorial.

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