Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Left is Not Interested in Alliances

I have been having a discussion at Cannabis News about tactics that could be used profitably to fight the drug war. I suggested that a union of the left and elements of the right could be profitable to them if they wanted to reach their goals. I suggested that defeating the idea of "addiction" could lead to gains for the anti-prohibitiion movement. I also got into some extraneous discussion of the war against Islamic Imperialism.

I was reasonably respectful. I explained myself. I explained my position. I even declined further discussion of the war.

They were not interested. I got banned.

It is the same old same old. The right will grumble and still accept you even if you are not 100% on board with their positions. They want to win. The left does purges.

I was considering voting Democratic in the next election due to Republican hubris. Not a chance. I'm going to work as hard as I can for the defeat of the left no matter what.

In my opinion they are definitely not big tent people. They should go down in flames.

It is no wonder that every country that goes left eventually winds up with some sort of dictatorship enforcing orthodoxy. The right is open to reason. The left is only open to belief.

Progressive my ass. For all its faults, and they are myriad, the right in America is the most progressive force on the planet today. And I say this as a former hard leftist.


MegaTroopX said...

'bout the only thing you can do to earn ire on the Right is be an atheist. Even then, some blogs still recognize allies when they see them.

WhatsAPundit said...

megatroopx, the Right (at least the Right I read) doesn't give a whit about me being an atheist. Now, if I were an evangelical atheist, that might get me some grief...

Das said...

I wonder if we've had a similar trajectory...I remember your interesting comments when I ran the "Democrats for Bush" site. Anyway, I agree with you: it is indeed hard to chat with left sites: you get lots of profanity and invective standing for arguement; of course the right has its zealots too but a profanity index would favor the left; a s former lefty I too weary of Republican dum-dum policies but the left offers nothing but well nothing - nihilism...

M. Simon said...


The thing that hurts me most about the current left is that even where interests co-incide they will not work with Rethuglicans.