Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Supporting Our Enemies

It appears that drug prohibition supported world wide by the American developed and supported Single Convention Treaty On Narcotics is supporting our enemies.

Like its '90s counterparts in Afghanistan and Algeria, the Saudi terror movement depends heavily on smuggling, especially of drugs such as heroin and hashish, as a source of revenue.

Because such drugs are specifically banned under Islamic law, the terror groups have used a fatwa by their late "spiritual guide" Abdallah al-Rashoud in which he provided an "exception." His argument was simple: Hard drugs represent a form of weaponry that the true Muslim is authorized to use against the "infidel" nation; the drugs will kill young people in the "infidel" West while providing money for the Islamist groups to buy arms with which to kill more "infidels."
Now we didn't have problems with terrorists in the 1920s but we did have a lot of problems with criminals (same difference). We solved the criminal problem buy ending prohibition.

Today we have a criminal AND terrorist problem. I proposed we end it the same way we ended in 1933 the problems caused by prohibition. We ended prohibition.

Now I will admit that after ending alcohol prohibition we still were left with an alcohol problem, which basically is a medical problem. However we eliminated the criminal part of the equation. If we ended drug prohibitiion we would still have a drug problem, which basically is a medical problem. However we would be eliminating the terrorist and criminal part of the equation.

End prohibition. It worked once, it could work again.

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triticale said...

There were reports last year of a major heroin smuggling operation into Australia which appeared to have been run by the North Korean intelligence agency. Whether this was to support the national economy or their covert operations, or to enrich the individual operators, it falls into the same category.