Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Dragnet: Operation FALCON

Operation FALCON was a concerted effort on the part of State and Federal Governments to round up 10,340 fugitives who may have comitted serious crimes but were still at large.

The serious crimes include murder, rape or sexual assault, gang membership, armed robbery, and kidnapping.

So let us see if we can break this down.

162 murder suspects,
553 rape or sexual assault suspects and
154 gang members
638 suspected of armed robbery
68 kidnapping suspects were detained
1,555 total

That leaves 8,785 unaccounted for, about 85% of the total.

What do you want to bet that most of those are wanted on drug charges?

Most people do not realize how much drug prohibition has skewed law enforcement.

Update: 23:12z 14 April 2005

I did a search to find out more about operation FALCON. The only story I turned up so far was from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Well guess what? All four suspects apprehended were TADA - drug suspects. Why am I not surprised?


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