Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liberty? We Can't Afford It - Says Coulter

I can understand her position. Notwithstanding the Constitution which so many "conservatives" claim to totally support. Except when it comes to Drug Prohibition. Could some one point out the Drug Prohibition Amendment to me? Anyone? Bueller?


kurt9 said...

Ann's point about the dependency of drug users is the only legitimate point she stated in this debate. However, her argument can be applied to drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, and any other potentially self-destructive behaviors. Ann is dead wrong about the social costs of both alcohol consumption and tobacco use. Tremendous numbers of people have drinking problems that interfere with their ability to hold down a job or to be a functional parent. Drug use would be no different. She is also completely wrong about smoking having no costs. About 15% of all smokers end up with COPD, which requires expensive treatment ($100,000 to $150,000 per year) over the average 8-10 year that a typical COPD victim suffers until death. Since much of this cost is paid for by the states, as Medicaid, this was the reason for the huge lawsuit by the states against the tobacco companies.

COPD is one of the most expensive medical conditions to treat, long term, prior to death.

Ann Coulter is either unaware of these facts (which says something about her intelligence) or simply does not care to know these facts (which says something about her morality).

I'm becoming more and more convinced that conservatism, as separate and distinct from libertarianism, is either a psychiatric disorder or just plain evil.

republicanmother said...

Wow, I love the acrobatics she did with the facts from Holland. Dutch people are just different, man. One could point out that their welfare state is more bloated than ours. We see here conservatives using the welfare state as a pretext for quashing freedom. If they didn't have that to complain about - what would they do? This is coming from someone who has never smoked a cigarette or drunk a beer.