Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baptists Are Like Communists

ED MORRISSEY: Biden’s Praise For China’s One-Child Policy: So Much For Being “Pro-Choice.” “Women in China have no choice over their bodies. The state enforces its policy with a totalitarian regime that requires IUDs, aborts children, and tortures and maim women who attempt to exercise choice.”

Silly Ed. These are communists. It’s okay when communists take away your choices. It’s only bad when Baptists take away your choices.

Posted at 6:08 pm by Glenn Reynolds

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Chuck said...

So Baptists are compelling people to murder their children? Or are you implying that not killing a child is the same as killing a child?

Bigots are like retards.

M. Simon said...

Dude. It is the desire for power over other people's lives that is the common denominator. Perhaps you are blinded by your faith.

Chuck said...

The blindness is in imagining that the killing of unborn children for fun and profit is somehow a religious issue. If it were, I would advocate for the mandatory conversion of "non-believers" for the sake of our survival as a nation.

Conflating child-killing and religion is cheap and lazy.

M. Simon said...

Uh. I support Rockford Pro Life they propose to do something about abortion without Government Involvement.

And if it isn't religious how do you deal with Jews who have a somewhat different position?

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