Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Amazes Me

I have been an Internet fiend for over 16 years. And yet when I have something interesting to do (my current project) I lose all interest in keeping up with the latest news. I got the news bug when I first worked in radio. I was a little over 18 (the minimum age for engineers) and used to love reading the AP wire off the teletype. Especially the stories that never made the media.

In any case, the project is going well and I'm finishing the board layouts. Maybe another few days, maybe a week or more. Depending.

And another note. The Internet makes it very easy and very quick to get part information. This is very important when not every integrated circuit comes in a DIP package.


papertiger said...

Ah Simon.

It looks likely that CERN has confirmed your suspicions about cloud cover ruling the climate.
I have to say "likely" because the head man at CERN put out a gag order so that the real scientists wouldn't upset any of the political scientists.

Well there it is.

Unknown said...

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