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What If They Gave A Revolution And You Didn't Show Up?

Eric e-mailed me a link to a rant by Matthew Jarzen discussing the social conservative (socon) pull out from CPAC. I have discussed it before at The Real Enemy and Is It Religion?. Matthew, who is evidently going to college at the present time makes some points that I would like to follow up on.

One of the hardest things about being a conservative on a college campus has been trying to explain away the ridiculous positions and statements of social conservatives and how they don't represent the GOP or conservatism as a whole. For anyone who really knows me, I despise social conservatives -- who in my and many others' mind are not conservative. Why?

Because they advocate for their brand of big government, only instead of faceless bureaucrats regulating every aspect of your life, they want faceless Christian bureaucrats to regulate every aspect of your moral life and choices. As social conservatives have become a more powerful voting bloc, they've driven out everyone who don't 100 percent agree with them, which is one of the reasons why young people are driven away from the GOP and conservatism.

The irrational behavior of the social conservatives (henceforth, I will call them "moral liberals") goes against everything Ronald Reagan stood for and preached. He was famous for saying, "If you agree with me 80 percent of the time, you're my friend."
I've been calling them "moral socialists" but "moral liberals" is close enough.

So what do I agree on with the social conservatives/moral socialists?

Fiscal responsibility, Constitutional Government (missed the Drug Prohibition Amendment), and Free Markets about covers it. You know the generally accepted TEA Party Manifesto.
...the moral liberals seem to think that some 20 percents are more important than others.

Perhaps none other than former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee illustrates my point best. When he was governor of Arkansas, he supported increases in the state income tax, sales tax, gas tax, licensing fees and even a nursing bed tax. Yet, why does Huckabee still remain popular in GOP circles? It is thanks to the social "conservative" voting bloc that feels comfortable with Huckabee because he is staunchly pro-life and anti-gay.

The moral liberals will ignore that because that 20 percent is more important than the tax and spending part. There has even been talk of social conservatives leaving the GOP and forming their own party. They will make this move solely because of GOProud, whose inclusion in CPAC is both welcomed and refreshing as it brings young, fresh faces to represent and help grow the movement.

To this proposition, I say go for it. That way the moral liberals can continue to lose elections while the rest of us figure out how to grow and build the movement and the GOP so we can compete in the next 20 years.
Many in the TEA Party movement feel that getting involved in social issues will drive away some libertarians, Democrats, moderates, independents, etc.

But suppose the socially liberal, fiscally conservative guys like Rand and Ron Paul take over the GOP and win elections without the hard core socons? Suppose enough socons defect (or are already libertarian in sentiment) to make a winning coalition?

IMO those leaving CPAC over GOProud have made an unwise move. Let me put it simply: those who leave the table will lose their seat.

That dogma often leads to unwisdom is nothing new. It is a constant in history. And yet there are some who would prefer dogma to union despite the lessons of history. Isn't there a lot in the Torah about internal conflict among the tribes leading to defeat at the hands of an external enemy? Hmmmm.

Or to put it in more modern terms: sometimes you have to join with Stalin to defeat Hitler. Try to put in a good word for Uncle Joe when you can. Say until we have defeated the Socialists and the Islamic nutters.

My good word about socons: Socons "get" economics... And my criticism: "except when it comes to their pet projects."

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his world view depends on not understanding it." - with apologies to Upton Sinclair.

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