Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Country That Isn't Barking

There is large scale unrest all across the Middle East. Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Iran, Kuwait, Algeria, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and probably others. Which country (besides Israel) is not on the list? Iraq.

And yet we were told by our anti-war and lefty friends that Iraq was the biggest military/foreign policy mistake the US had made since Vietnam.

I know we have lefty/anti-war readers. Would any of them care to explain the Iraq anomaly? Comments are open.

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Pastorius said...

They already established a Sharia state, and have been busy indiscriminately killing Christians for the past few years.

M. Simon said...

indiscriminately killing Christians for the past few years.

I believe you mean Egypt.

Pastorius said...

No, I mean Iraq. I think I phrased it wrong, however. The murdering of Christians is anything but indiscriminate in Iraq. It is purposeful, and it is leading to "ethnic" cleansing of a sort; religious cleansing, in accordance with Sharia (which, of course, we allowed to be enshrined in the Iraqi Constitution).

Pastorius said...

By the way, sorry if it appears I am being antagonistic cuz I left a couple of disagreeable comments on your blog.

I love your blog. I just happen to disagree with you on this and the Warren Zevon thing.

Of course, who cares about Warren Zevon?

al fin said...

What's that about Warren Zevon? Werewolves of London is one of my favourites.

Iraqis are tired of terrorists and agitators for the most part. Oil production is ramping up, and they'd like to enjoy a better life -- at least until the next dictator seizes power.

Kemal said...

thank you izmir çetesi

Pastorius said...

I have met Iraqi Christians who have moved here since the war. They do not seem so enamored with the burgeoning Democracy in Iraq.