Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Times They Are A Changin'

Pat Robertson thinks the war on marijuana is bad for family values. I have been saying that for decades. I have been posting this link often: Demographics. It runs down what mass incarceration does to family values.

BTW Pat says he is "not exactly for the use of drugs". I'd love to find what exactly he is for.

I also wonder what his real motivation is. Why now? Why not 5 years ago? Maybe he is a secret user of med pot. Or he has some one close to him who uses med pot. Or perhaps news of things like The Mutiny In Montana have filtered in to him. Or maybe it really is what he claims - his prison ministry opened his eyes.

Well any way Pat. Welcome aboard. I hope you bring a few of your friends with you.

I think I'm detecting the beginnings of a tectonic shift in attitudes towards the War On Marijuana. A long time friend (in Internet Years) who is deeply religious threw in the towel on pot prohibition about 6 months ago in a private communication to me. I wonder if Pat's "coming out" will embolden my friend to go public? In any case the last major pocket of resistance to the end of Cannabis Prohibition (those who favor prohibition on religious grounds) is beginning to crumble. The end is nigh.

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Neil said...

Maybe old Pat just knows which way the wind is blowing. He's a political animal, that one.

Tom Bridgeland said...

I hope you are right. But...back in the 80s there were a fair number of conservatives who came out against prohibition. It died.

Merry Christmas.