Saturday, December 04, 2010

Practice Run

I was reading Beyond The Nanny State which was discussing the TSA and other outrages and came across this comment:

I’m not even in a position to go flying, but I must say, why is each and every frequent flyer being treated like a drug-runner in a car in Jersey
You don't get it do you? The Drug War was the prototype for all this. Beating up on dopers was just a practice run. And fine practice it was.

Now that everyone is a suspect (contraband doncha know?) the government has well established practices for dealing with just such a situation. Effective? Of course not. But neither is the Drug War. And ineffectiveness has led to no widespread outcry against the practices endemic to that little war on contraband. Let alone serious complaints on civil liberties grounds. Excepting for a few of us cranks.

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