Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something To Look Forward To

You know. I would really hate to see it happen but this may be a case where God needs to sort these folks out.

I think I have a slogan appropriate for the age. "Give me liberty or I'll give you death."

Update: 24 Sept. 1010, 0119z

Instapundit links to a piece by Austin Bay that touts a book by a follower of Islam, Militant Islamist Ideology.

Bay's article makes this point:
Aboul-Enein says faithful Muslims play a central role in defeating Militant Islamism, arguably the key role.

"Unlike communism," he writes, "against which free enterprise and democracy were used as ideological counterweights, Militant Islamist ideology can be opposed among the Muslim masses only by Islamic counter-argumentation. We cannot contain Militant Islamist ideology but only work to marginalize, de-popularize, and erode its influence and mass appeal by identifying it as different from Islam or even from Islamist political groups."
They had better get a move on before Wretchard's Three Conjectures comes to pass.

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Jeff Gauch said...

"Freedom go to Hell"?

You first.

PeterH said...

Jeff beat me to it.

Neil said...

"Give me liberty or I'll give you death."

I want a bumper sticker. And I hate bumper stickers.