Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No Quarter

Instapundit is taking a lot of looks at the just concluded Delaware Republican Primary. He has after action reports (O’Donnell won). I also like this before action report he linked. The question addressed is: can O’Donnell win the general election.

You couldn’t ask for a more vexing political conundrum than the Delaware Senate primary. It’s like something a poli-sci professor dreamed up to torture his students. Mike Castle is the kind of liberal seat-warmer that should be trimmed from a Republican Party getting into fighting shape for the battle of its life, against a dying super-State that will be immensely difficult to bring under control… but he’s got a far better shot at winning the general election than his more conservative primary opponent. The Democrat, Chris Coons, is loony and Marxist enough to qualify for a position as one of Obama’s czars. As bad as Castle might be, it’s not difficult to make the case that putting Coons in the seat would be far worse.
For me, the deal is – like NY23 – the Tea Party can make a fight out of it. They can put the fear of God into even a Democrat winner.

I say lets fight. No quarter.

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