Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Heroin Has Been Destroying America For 100 Years

A newspaper report out of Connecticut paints a dire picture of heroin use in America. The destruction of the country by these evil drugs is nearly complete. We have zombie Armies roaming the streets whose only motivation is drugs and death.

Painter also sees a misconception about heroin addiction, and the hysterical fears of a zombie army of junkies roaming the streets.

“The heroin addiction rate in this country is 1.3 percent and has remained steady for the past century,” he says. “We are going to have heroin addicts no matter what we do. We are going to have alcoholics and nicotine addicts too and a lot of recreational use of these drugs. Finding drugs in urine is a violation of parole. We will never get rid of this scourge by sending people to prison for drugs in their urine. It’s ridiculous. If they rob, OK, send them back. But so many people are in jail on technicalities, for dirty urine. What have we gained?”

Talk of the problems with drug sentencing eventually leads to the subject of prison policy. Brooks likes to cite the TV show “Lock Up” in which a squad does nothing but go through mail to find out how the drugs are getting inside the prison.

“If we can’t keep drugs out of the most secure places in the country, how are we going to keep them off the streets? It is just unrealistic, a fantasy, to think that we can have a drug-free society,” says Brooks, then adds, “The privatization of prisons is partly to blame. What’s the best way to make a profit? By keeping the prison cells full. What’s the best way to fill prison cells? Arrest and convict non-violent drug offenders, who will quietly serve their time.”
Well OK. despite the fact that drug use is as bad as it has ever been (no worse than it has ever been?) there are no zombie armies in the streets looking for children to molest. In fact what has the spending on the drug war done about drug use? If heroin use is any guide - zilch. It is a typical government program. It costs a lot of money and accomplishes the opposite of what it pretends to accomplish - make drugs hard to get, increase public safety, protect children (is is easier for kids to get illegal drugs than legal beer). I'm really surprised that more conservatives don't have alternatives. If for no other reason than:


Government can't make economies (deep thought, that). It can break them. But according to my conservative friends government is the perfect tool for stamping out vice (harming one's self). I fear my so called conservative friends have bought into progressivism. "Government can.....". I've got news for you: No it can't.

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