Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Decapitation Or Lobotomy?

In a discussion of the decline in fortune of the Democrat Party a commenter had this to say:

Joe Guest 9 hours ago in reply to billfromny:

As bad as Bush was, Obama/Pelosi/Reid have been so much worse. I'm not a Republican by conviction - I'm a Republican because the alternative is insane
Naturally the usual clowns chime in:
1984 8 hours ago in reply to Joe Guest:

So go with the original insane gang instead who belong in padded cells?

Is it just me or did everyone seem to forget those lovely 8 years with Bush and company?
Of course I had to add a word or twenty.
Lobotomy or decapitation? This coming election is a vote for lobotomy. Not a bad choice given the alternative.
I really wish we had a "leave us alone" party in America. I look forward to the day where neither the Right nor the Left are on my back expecting a free ride for their hobbies.

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