Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Women Are Difficult

I was reading about the educational attainments of strippers and came across a guy who said strip clubs had ruined him for "real" women.

Tuesday 31 August
By Jude

Sorry, degree or no degree, strip clubs are never worth it, and dating a stripper is nasty. I was broke in the past, because of going to strip clubs, and I feel like I cannot have a normal relationship with a woman, because of it. Damn strip clubs, do nothing but make us guys broke and go home with blue balls.
Uh. That is normal. You had some fantasy about regular sex and romance? Fuggedaboutit.

The guy has a lot to learn about women.

H/T Instapundit

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Justthisguy said...

I can see one good reason to attend and pay money at a stripper venue. I am kinda old, and not such the horndog I used to be. I can imagine teasing myself mightily with the strippers, and holding it in until I got home to the sweety (if I had one) so that I could do my duty properly for her.