Friday, August 27, 2010

State OF Control

It looks like another communist dictatorship is starting to sucumb to the lures of the free market.

...loosening state controls on commerce to let islanders grow and sell their own fruit and vegetables.

The moves, published into law in the Official Gazette on Thursday and Friday and effective immediately, are significant steps as President Raul Castro promises to scale back the communist state's control of the economy while attempting to generate new revenue for a government short on cash.
I think we have found the key to cracking the communists and their fellow travelers the socialists. If you want a growing state you will need a growing economy. And that causes contradictions. China is getting to the level that it is going to have to face them in the next decade or three. Interesting times.

Next question. What will it take to crack Islam? Of course the seeds of their own destruction are built in. Who (in the long run) will go for a religion that has to teach you how to wipe your ass?

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