Thursday, July 08, 2010

Power Is A Function Of Time

From the YouTube page.
connvee3 October 24, 2009

FACEBOOK: If you're on Facebook, JOIN their page as a fan...I wanted to do the full version 11 min. but youtube says No -10min only. So here it is, a few cut here and there. Also, my uncles are doing well in So. Cal. They have a web site And the art work(with the exception of the blue cow bell pic) was created by Dylan Chambers, Lester's son. I hope you enjoy it. Keep the memories coming, it's nice to read how their music touched your lives...God Bless yaaa!

Demonstrate LOVE to those before You!
I saw the Brothers at the Filmore in San Francisco back in the day. I still have fond memories of that show and the gang I went with. Ed Herny are you out there?

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