Monday, May 17, 2010

The Conservative Position

Commenter Forgotten Man at The Belmont Club had this to say about how to win the battle in Afghanistan:

...things like opium growing and Heroin production need to be stopped.
Yes. Of course. We have been working on stopping it for 96 years so far and real soon now we will have success.

Or we can do the Conservative thing and return to the Status of drugs that obtained before the Progressives tried to “improve” the situation with their anti-drug laws.

It is always amusing to see “Conservatives” spouting the rhetoric of Progressives. Funny thing is that Progressives see the stupidity of their former policies. Which I suppose makes Conservatives reactionaries (“if Progressives are for it I’m against it”) when it comes to the drug laws.

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Chuck said...

You may be interested to see our parochial UK discussions on similar subjects

M. Simon said...

Chuck's url:

Deliberately misleading statistic of the day

RavingDave said...

We've been working to stop rape and murder for a lot longer than that! :)

M. Simon said...

There is nothing like prohibition for raising the murder rate.

And in the USA the rate of rape has been declining for quite some time. Is it Internet porn or loose women? Why steal the milk when so many are giving it away for free?