Saturday, April 03, 2010

obama Has A Plan

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The green areas in the above map show where drilling is allowed. The Red areas show where drilling is not allowed. Compare Bush's map to obama's map. It pretty much explains why the oil markets didn't even blip on the announcement by obama about his opening of some areas for oil drilling.

Obama & Democrats: Destroying U.S. Energy Security With Incompetence and Insanity offers this bit for your understanding of what is going on:

"Obama did not open new lands to offshore drilling – all of these areas were already open for drilling once Congress and President Bush lifted the moratorium in 2008. Instead, President Obama yesterday announced what areas he would CLOSE to offshore drilling....over 360 million acres are now under a new “Obama Moratorium” that blocks American energy production....plan puts 13.14 billion barrels of oil and 41.49 trillion cubic feet of natural gas under lock and key....The entire Pacific Coast is now off limits. The Pacific Coast alone holds an estimated 10.5 billion barrels of oil—almost 75 percent of the total amount available off the U.S. coastline in former moratorium areas – and 18 trillion cubic feet of natural gas"
Now compare what we know to what was reported. It is all just a magic trick.

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And just in case you are wondering: my not capitalizing the first letter in obama's name is no accident. Small letters for a small man.

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