Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stopping The Scammers

Mother Jones says there is no verification included in the CO2 reduction "deal" Obama agreed to in Copenhagen. Without verification there is no way to tell if the Nations selling carbon credits have actually done anything to reduce emissions or absorb CO2.

It is a set up for a scam. On top of a scam.

And the carbon credit scammers have been hard at work skimming billions in Europe. Already.

Without valid measurements suitably verified there is nothing. Say. When is the CRU (of ClimateGate fame) going to release its data and methods? Because, without valid measurements suitably verified there is nothing.


Unknown said...

The 'struck' deal seems ideal;
Our politicians get to tax us for the environment, but no promises of revenue-sharing have been made.

Also, the success or failure of the policy has been tied to a 2C increase, against a highly-variable and disputable 'normal'.

In short, we'll get to pay our states for whatever they want to spend to keep power, and they get to congratulate or chasten themselves at whim.


Unknown said...

....and on a similar topic. My own government taxes cars heavily - based on environmental factors like weight and engine power. New hybrids and 'low-emission vehicles' are not taxed as heavily, with the effect that they seem competitive to traditional cars.

This has lead to increased adoption of these low-emission vehicles. The result of this is a reduction in automobile taxes. The government now proposes raising other automobile taxes (and other taxes) to cover the shortfall ('hide the decline', heh).

The result of this will of course be a net reduction in purchasing power. Instead of buying cheap cars that are highly taxed, we buy expensive cars that are less taxed, and then get highly taxed afterwards.