Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Since The Nazis Occupied Copenhagen

Christopher Monckton has a few words about a reporter referring to pro AGW thugs as "Hitler Youth".
A thoughtful, quietly-spoken German was almost in tears.

“I never thought I would see this in my lifetime,” he said, sadness and anger competing on his face. “The last time young people politicized and indoctrinated by the State broke up a meeting of their opponents here in Copenhagen by chanting mindless, repetitive slogans was during the Nazi occupation of Denmark during the Second World War.”

Americans for Prosperity had booked a meeting-room in a canal-side hotel, with a live satellite link-up to well-attended chapter meetings all over the United States. As their President was speaking, the Hitler-Jugend, part of a very large, lavishly-funded delegation of jack-trainered, eco-Fascist goons probably paid for by taxpayers somewhere, leapt up to the podium and began a zombie-like, keening chant.

I used the old crowd-control trick of standing behind the Hitler Youth and talking quietly. The microphones were right where I wanted them, so I began reporting on that day’s progress in negotiating the world-government agreement that, if it is passed at Copenhagen, will shut down the economies and democracies of the West without affecting the climate in any measurable way.

One of the Fascists, distracted as I had intended, began trying to offer a commentary on what I was saying. Using my elbow, I kept her away from the microphones and continued talking. Eventually, the squad marched out of the room and rapidly dispersed before the police could round them up.

Another German in the audience said this was the saddest day of his life. He, too, had hoped that mindless, compulsory agreement with the State and disruption of discussions by anyone who disagreed had been swept away from Europe forever at the end of the Second World War.

Both of our distinguished German colleagues left the meeting with their heads bowed low and their shoulders stooped. Their distress and concern for the future of Europe and the world was evident.
A student took umbrage to this characterization and sent a missive to Monckton to that effect. Chris replied:
Dear Student, – Thank you for taking the trouble to let me know what you think. Perhaps a little background would be helpful. Some 50 robotically-chanting thugs invaded a meeting that some colleagues and I were holding, jostled and intimidated us, and did their best to interfere with our right of free speech for as long as they could get away with it. They showed not the slightest intention of engaging in civil discussion with us.

Three German and one Danish members of our audience were distraught. They said no attempt like this to prevent free speech had ever been seen in Copenhagen since the Nazis had occupied the city during the Second World War. The Hitlerettes had lied in order to get into the meeting, and had clearly been lavishly funded (by taxpayers, mostly, according to our enquiries for the police report) and had also been very carefully briefed. Peaceful protesters would have demonstrated outside, rather than violently breaking up our meeting in the manner all too familiar to those who know the mid-20th-century history of Europe.

I broadcast their remarks on German television and, the next morning, when I was visiting the stands operated by various (again almost exclusively taxpayer-funded) environmental organizations, several of them surrounded me and began saying how displeased they were that I had compared them to the Hitlerjugend. I explained my reasoning, and refused otherwise to have anything to do with any of them.

With my colleagues, I am considering at present whether we should report these gruesome louts to the police, who have been given very wide powers to prevent precisely this sort of violent intrusion into what had been, until they lied and cheated their way in, a peaceful meeting.

On YouTube, where the video these goons shot of my refusal to knuckle under to their intimidating terror tactics is displayed, to their horror the comments on the video are running at well over ten to one in my favour. And, though my comments have been publicly available for two days, you are the first and only person who has written to me as you have. Free speech is a precious commodity, and, whether you like it or not, I intend to speak out for it as clearly as possible while I still can.
Good for you. And good for the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that you're a fan of Monkton.

Monckton's fame is eclipsed only by the size of his fibs. Though he has told two senators that he's a "peer"/"member" of the House of Lords; he's not. He stood for election in 2007 and got no votes. In an open letter to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), he claimed to have been named a Nobel Peace Laureate for correcting the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was awarded the Nobel in 2007. Needless to say, he does not have a Nobel. And less glamorous, Guardian reporter George Monbiot busted Monckton for editing his own Wikipedia page to falsely claim that he'd received an $80,000 libel settlement from the newspaper.

Unknown said...

Nazi is who Nazi does, eh?

Of course, just like Al Gore, Lord Monckton is not a scientist but a story-teller. He's witty, he's clear and he has a an aura of truthiness that rivals mr Gores.


Will Kell said...

We really need to stop all this craziness and focus all the worlds resources on the real issue at hand that is threatening our world; namely "antropogenic plate tectonics" (APT).

If people would just realize how many earthquakes and volcanos are cause by APT and how much land (environment) is destroyed each year through subduction that is caused by APT, they would forgot this farce called AWGW and get the world community and the UN (the only body capable of handling APT) focused.

I am working on a chart I will call the "Will Kell hockey stick", which shows with out a doubt that as mans population has increased, so has the number of detectable earthquakes!

It is a fact, the debate is over.

I may even make a film and pass out some rice bowls to scientist to gain support.


Unknown said...

Dear Will.

I stand ready to support your cause, and rise the banner against APT. I suggest we hold a symposium to show and define the link between Al Gores and tectonic movements.

Armed with Science, we should then be able to demand that Al Gore be confined to a remote island, thereby saving the world from his rampages.

I can see it now. Oh, yes...