Saturday, December 12, 2009

Communist Physics

Conserve momentum comrades? I don't think so. The time has come to liberate it from those who have captured it in the name of greed and personal profit.

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Unknown said...


should the communists reclaim communism, the physicists liberate physics, or some other permutation?

It seems to me that a number of nominally leftist thinkers are trying to liberate the factual, reality-based sciences from those who don't think that nature and it's governing laws can be controlled to improve society.

I'm likening this to people trying to find the correct sequence of bead-colors and launch-height to prove that unassisted human flight is possible. Refining the theory is all it takes. And volunteers, of course. Voluntary or not.


Commie Blaster said...

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linearthinker said...


Your 2nd paragraph is the most tortured prose I've ever read. I've read it 3 times and I think I get your gist. It's not worth a 4th try.

Which is not to say I disagree with you.

Unknown said...


Thank you, I strive to improve my writing skills.

Unfortunately, I'm doing this in my native Norwegian as well, so I don't think improvements will be quick nor painless.


linearthinker said...


I have a placard I picked up on the shoulder of the road. It says "Hold Norge rent!" Does this mean "Keep Norway Clean?" There's a picture of a badger packing a garbage bag. Every picture tells a story.

My Norwegian would be worse than tortured, if I ever attempted it.

Best wishes.


Unknown said...

'Hold Norge rent' does indeed mean 'Keep Norway clean'. I don't know what the badger would add to It, though.

If you ask Google to do an image-search on the text, you'll find it used and abused ;-)


M. Simon said...


I like your "American". Far better than my Norwegian.

I'm only fluent in English and a few computer languages.

All my other languages are of the "beans and bus ticket" level of competency.