Saturday, October 31, 2009

Watching The Fundamentals

I was reading Seeking Alpha today to see where stock traders think the economy is going and I got this wonderful piece of advice in the comments for judging market fundamentals.

You may be right about the sentiment on this board, but this board isn't the place to look for sentiment. On average the people here are moved less by emotion and more by data points.

You want to measure sentiment in the masses. For example, in 1999 at the top of the market I got a stock tip from a stripper who was taking out a second loan on her home to buy more Iomega. That is a sell sign.
Wait 'til I tell my mate "Honey I have to go to the nudie bar to judge market sentiment". It could make investing in the market a LOT more popular. Or at least doing the research on the fundamentals.

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