Monday, October 12, 2009

Something Is Happening Here

I suspect liposuction fat oozing out of our ground. I have no proof.

H/T rj40 at Talk Polywell

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Anonymous said...

Dis videyo waz mahd bye a deducated, edjukatd 3 Percenter's mother.

Her sonny gonna come on home frum Iraqistan, haf sum pigs feet, hog jawls an a 12 pack 'o Leinies. Den he gonna blast da shit out of soshulst sprinklur an izlahmic rainboh.

Da Libruls haf gohn two far dis time...

linearthinker said...

last two words in the credits at the end: Northern California

Sez it all.

I have a rainbow in my shower, Simon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Dixie Democrat to me, 99% - in 2007, someone who blames the government for causing rainbows in her yard is displaying Bush derangement syndrome not right-wing paranoia. But then, anyone who is so prejudiced against southerners probably didn't give things much thought.

RavingDave said...

Saw this weeks ago. That it is an ignorant idiot is indisputable. Since the person is totally lacking in understanding and common sense, I would bet that they are a democrat.

That being said, I wonder if 99% is assigned to this duty, or does he take it upon himself to reinforce the prevailing opinion about liberal minded people.

Anonymous said...


Speaking of not thinking much, a quick review of your blog indicates that you are given to excessive diatribes and near mindless rambling. No wonder you're such a big fan of Mikey.

Based on this quick assessment, I recommend that you offer to assist the 3%er nutcases with the development of their anti-government propaganda. Sounds like a perfect fit!