Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize - Country Doomed

President ∅ has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. I'm not going to name all the losers who have won that award. But I will name a few. Al Gore - for Global Warming. The Globe is cooling. Jimmy Carter for bringing Peace to the Israelis and Palistinians. The war never stopped. Yasser Arafat for being a Peace Maker. He started Stupidfada II - and lost.

Well you get the drift. The Peace Prize is usually a sign that the policies praised will fail. Usually sooner than later.

Expect a war. A big war. Soon.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they should have given you a prize for writing a completely useless EDN comment on PID loops. You're a rote amateur if you've never heard of, or worked with, a Eurotherm.

simentt said...

A few years ago friends from the US told me that they neither voted for, nor felt represented by, their current government.

Today, I find myself in the very same unfortunate position. While the Nobel Peace-prize Committee is 'non-governmental', it is headed by the previous chairman of the ruling party, and the prize will be confirmed by both the prime minister and the foreign-minister, both from the same party. I feel the 'non-governmental'-part to be fairly vague.

So - I neither voted for, nor feel represented by the Norwegian government.

And I do not support the selection of this years peace-price. Also, I strongly question the background for the nomination. Apparently, the committee needs to have the complete candidate-list in hand in early February. I belive Obama therefore had a fairly short time in his current job to qualify for the price.


M. Simon said...


If past peace prizes are any indication he will blunder us into a world war within two years or so.

This is so depressing.

All the lessons of WW2 are forgotten. Not too surprising. Those that learned those lessons are mostly dead 70 years on.

peter said...

I think it unlikely that the big 0 will lead the US into a war of aggression. More likely he'll continue giving the impression that we're pushovers who won't fight back effectively, which I fear will be the truth with him in office.

Another risk is civil war if reform by peaceful means is blocked.

M. Simon said...

Of course he is leading us to war. Just like the peacemongers of the 30s lead to the dust up in the 40s.