Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is Roland A Warrior?

I just got an e-mail from Roland Burris (who claims to be my Senator). He wants me to know that he is here to help.

As Congress debates contentious issues such as health care reform, climate change, and our continued economic recovery, it is more important than ever to keep in touch so that I can faithfully serve your needs in Washington.
Well of course climate change is very serious. So I asked Roland a serious question.
In order to stop the climate from changing the USA will have to invade every country burning carbon based fuels and make them stop. Are you making plans for this? If not why not?

At the very least we could be atomic bombing power plants.

Could you let me know a couple of weeks before the bombing starts? I'd like to be prepared. And I can keep a secret.
Well of course the last statement is a flat out lie. I CAN keep some secrets. Starting a war for Climate Change (or is it against Climate Change? I forget) is not one of them.

But lest you think Mr. Roland "I am not a crook" Burris is some hard hearted politician from Chicago I have some news for you.

On his www site he suggests:
If your are experiencing a personal crisis or emergency and you need immediate assistance, please call 202-224-2854
So if the climate is too hot, or too cold, or too much rain, or not enough snow, or if you want a sunny day for your wedding - please give Mr. Burris a call.

And of course I had another Roland in mind when I was asking about warriors.

Paul Shaffer looks like he was getting a big thrill from playing with Warren.

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