Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fox News

Since the White House has declared War on Fox News I'm putting a link to Fox News near the top of my sidebar.

I suggest all bloggers against Government Censorship do the same.

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Anonymous said...

You mean 'Fox Ministry of Right Wing Propaganda', correct?

Sieg Heil, her Simon.

Diogenes said...

Seriously dude, (99%) what is WRONG with you ?

I've HEARD of people so far out the buses don't go there, but you are the first one i've ever read that is so blatant about it.

By the way, the Nazis were on YOUR side. The name "Nazi" is an abbreviation for NAtional-soZIalistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei

Which Means in English, the National Socialistic German Workers Party.

Socialist Workers Party. Yup, that sounds like YOUR side.

Diogenes said...

While i'm on the topic, I can point out how Similar the Nazi's were to modern day liberals in other ways.

Gun Control? Yup.
Huge Government Programs? Yup.
Excessive Taxation? Yup.
Darlings of the Media? Yup.
Supported by the Unions? Yup.
Supported by the Education establishment? Yup.
Believers in New Age fanatical religions? Yup. (Occult Norse Mythology)
Homosexuality ? Yup, the Nazi Party was originally a social club for homosexuals.
Hero Worship? (Like Obama) Yup. They had a Messiah too.

And so on. The Nazis were Left Wing, not right wing.

Grow up. Read more. Stop Beclowning yourself.