Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Feeling The Heat

Rep. Tim Bishop (D) from New York is getting a lot of heat from voters in his district about Global Warming. After a run up starting with the Health Care Bill the Global Warming stuff starts at 3:50 in. A really well informed citizen starts speaking at about 5:00 in. He talks about carbon taxes sending jobs to China.

How about a little information from the wiki on Tim.
Timothy H. "Tim" Bishop (born June 1, 1950) is a politician from New York and the current Congressman for New York's 1st congressional district, which includes most of Central and Eastern Suffolk County, including most of Smithtown, as well as the entirety of the towns of Brookhaven, Riverhead, Southold, Southampton, East Hampton, and Shelter Island. The district of encompasses wealthy enclaves such as the Hamptons, middle class suburban towns such as Selden, Centereach and Lake Grove, working class neighborhoods such as Mastic and Riverhead and rural farming communities such as Mattituck and Jamesport on the North Fork.
I don't know the man but if I had to guess I'd say he was another Limousine Liberal telling the little people how to live.

Here is a Congress Critter being grilled on Health Care: Congress Should Be Forced On It.

Videos like these featuring different Representatives are all over the 'net. What does it portend? I think the Democrats are going to get crushed in 2010.

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Richard Blumenthal said...

Here's another reason for Bishop to fear his constituents. http://shouldirun.com/recoverydotgov.html displays screenshots of "stimulus" projects in New York's 1st Congressional District that were supposed to create jobs, but the monetary awards are to out of district companies!

Neil said...

I'm not so sure the Democrats are going to get "crushed" in 2010. The Republicans have certainly gained in the polls vs. last fall, but their numbers still aren't good. Nobody trusts the Democrats, but nobody thinks the Republicans are any better, either.

In order to take advantage of the Democrats' screwups, Republicans would have to actually stand FOR something. I think it's too late for them to win big on the "not a Democrat" platform.