Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Drugs Work

The reason drugs work is that they or their natural analogs are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Deficiencies will cause cravings.


tomcpp said...

Drugs work because they are the way DNA steers our behavior. Built-in drugs are the reason people do all sorts of necessary things.

Pain, love, sex, eating, fear, ambition, just about every feeling, all are controlled by drugs. Without drugs every human would just pick out something he didn't understand and then stare at it. Stare at it, and listen to it for weeks or months on end. Stare at it, neglecting his body, not eating, not drinking, until (s)he died. A human would literally not respond to a car running over him if it wasn't for drugs.

Inserting some random drug is akin to pressing a random button on a machine where you don't understand the function of any of the buttons. This you do, knowing that some buttons will kill you, or worse, some buttons make you kill your wife or children.

Some people are born with the drug delivery system (mostly the hypothalamus and the kidneys) *slightly* off track. You should look up some of the diseases caused by even slight alterations of drugs in our system.

So yes, drugs work. They're also dangerous as hell, and unchecked use of them will kill you. It may take a while, but they will kill you (and they may make you kill someone else too). They take away free will.

M. Simon said...

Pot is less dangerous than alcohol or aspirin.

And the thing is: drugs are everywhere. Not getting enough heroin? Substitute sex. Or a Big Mac.

So the question is: is the individual competent to determine his own needs or do we need some guy in Washington making the rules for every one?

Does every one get the same amount of Vitamin C every day? Or can they get as much as they need?

If you have a serious endorphin deficiency (commonly referred to as pain) can you supplement with heroin or must you resort to food, exercise, or sex? Who can best decide? You and your Dr.? Or some guy with a legal degree making laws in Washington?

I seriously hope that neither you nor yours ever have a serious pain problem. Because the DEA will be in charge of treatment and if your doctor gives you more relief than the DEA allows you and esp. your doctor will be in serious trouble.