Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mark Kirk Is No Traitor

John Kaduk says Mark Kirk (R - Illinois 10th Dist.) is a traitor for voting for the tax and shred bill.

Pat yourself on the back Nancy. You too Waxman. And let’s not forget Mark Kirk. You successfully hid behind Michael Jackson’s death and the country’s mourning to push through your garbage bill that could permanently kill the U.S. economy.
And that may be very well true. But Mark Kirk is no traitor. Mark Kirk is an idiot.

He is also behind the recent idiocy of calling for more draconian penalties to stem the flow of marijuana in this country. At a time when California is thinking about legalization and soccer moms are toking up? I don't think so. Mark Kirk is an idiot.

Let us hope that by 3 November 2010 he is a retired (from the House) idiot. I'll do my part.

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