Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iran Reaches Critical Mass

According to Michael Totten the above is
...thousands of Iranians chanting not "Death to America" or "Death to Israel," but "Death to the Government."
Michael goes on to say:
Oppressive governments that face ferocious resistance in the streets often don't last very long. The Islamic Republic regime has been durable so far, and reports of its imminent demise have been premature, but there is only so much it can withstand.

A reader writes to Andrew Sullivan, who is doing an excellent job covering Iran this weekend.
Why did the clergy panic? Because they saw something much larger than just Mousavi being elected. They saw the beginnings of a wave that would sweep them out of power. This started with Khatami. and it won't stop today just because they declared a fraudulent winner. Mousavi would have been the crowbar with which to pry open the tangled nest of corruption that came into power soon after the 1979 revolution. There is enough pent-up anger in Iran's youth to fuel a complete wipeout of the regime. If the thugs were so utterly ham-fisted in their attempt to usurp power, they surely will commit scores of idiotic errors in the days to come. I cannot imagine Rafsanjani staying quiet for much longer; the theocracy is about to break wide open. Resistance will take many forms, and now will not stop until the mullahs are permanently out of power. Iran is headed for civil war.
I certainly hope so. I hope it is a velvet revolution. And if it can't be that well.... I'm cheering for the latest gang of revolutionaries. Hopefully we will soon find out if they are any better than the last batch.

Instapundit says keep an eye on Totten's place for the latest. Good advice. And drop Michael a buck or two. It keeps him in beans and bus tickets.

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Carol_Herman said...


It seems germany has called in its iranian ambassador. They want an explanation for the dissonance. IF the elections were such a landslide, how come people aren't singing in the streets.

Sometimes, you have to be very stupid to steal something where you think you'll be able to contain the masses; when the real hope was just to insult "Mohave" ... Oh, you know who I mean. Do I have to spell this out?

Ahmadinijad-terrorist probably thought he could head fake.

Which could mean if Obama wants to talk to him, first he has to stick his own head into a meat grinder?