Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Narrative

Red Alerts reports on a school teacher who was using drugs and alcohol to sexually exploit youth. Red asks this question:

Victimless Crime Files: Why Do Adults Want Kids to Get High?
Red Alerts then says:
The truth is that only two kinds of adults involved with drugs, ones with addiction problems/psychological issues and the ones who use drugs to take advantage of others.
and then follows it with this report:
It includes statements from alleged victims of all ages, accusing Levine of allowing teenagers to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana.....
So why no bad mouthing of alcohol? Or coming to the obvious conclusion that prohibiting these substances to minors has given an opening to malefactors to exploit youth.

I guess it wouldn't fit the narrative. And yes: the Right and the Left have their narratives. I so look forward to the day when Americans think for themselves. As individuals rather than spouters of some collective meme. Given the current trajectory that might happen as soon as the year 3000. But it could take longer.

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