Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Failed Model

The spike in violence due to heavily armed gangs in Mexico can be rectified, but not through the failed model of near-complete prohibition.
Bob Owens made the above remark at A Call to Arms in Mexico. He was referring to gun prohibition. Now if only that understanding could be applied to drugs we might get some where.

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Tom Cuddihy said...

yes, but what priciple of self-government or democracy requires narcotics to defend it?

M. Simon said...

What model of government makes war on its citizens because of their vices?

Anonymous said...

So one's vices have no effect on the people around them? Really. The people who smoke cigarettes have done a nice job of increasing health care costs for everyone. The people who need liver transplants due to years of excessive alcohol consumption have contributed to increased healthcare costs. Shall I go on? Both of these examples are totally preventable -- why do I have to pay extra so that you can preserve your precious vices?

Again, what color is the sky in your world, Msimon?

(Oops...that's a trick question...your view of the sky is regularly obscured by marijuana smoke...)