Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Accident

guy on internet had something interesting to say in response to Welfare For The Rich.

All consumption-based tax credits are "for the rich," or at least the not-poor. You have to buy them, while whatever poor people buy a disproportionate lot of gets "sin" taxed at above the highest marginal income-tax rate.

That's not all a bunch of accidents.
I'm beginning to see a pattern.

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kramsmarba said...

We are in the midst of a battle to save the federal reserve and it's broker-dealer share holder banks. This is the financial structure of the USA and has been for a long time and it will not be reformed or replaced easily. Keynesian economics are the intellectual foundation of that foundation . Keynesian economics thinks it can increase economic activity by increasing the amount of money . Those who have money and who the fed blesses with more are, by definition, not the poor. So Keynesian don't much care about the poor (except to depress their real wages).