Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Coming Crack Up

I'm not talking about the economy. That is already done for. I'm talking about Obama's coming crack up. A commenter at Gateway Pundit makes an interesting observation.

He thinks we're all idiots who will swoon over him for eight straight years. Even so, he's starting to have a kind of permanent sheen of flop sweat and the beginnings of fear gnaw at him. The British will never forget that he was the first American president to refuse to take questions from their reporters.

This is because he has no answers. At some point he'll be cornered and forced to answer, and he'll simply crack up in public. It'll be a nightmare, but it'll also be the most compelling thing you've ever seen in your life. It'll be legendary, mythical, the self-destruction of a president on live TV.
Which just reinforces something I was reading the other day.
The pacific mask crumbles when the narcissist has become convinced that the very people he purported to speak for, his constituency, his grassroots fans, the prime sources of his narcissistic supply - have turned against him. At first, in a desperate effort to maintain the fiction underlying his chaotic personality, the narcissist strives to explain away the sudden reversal of sentiment. "The people are being duped by (the media, big industry, the military, the elite, etc.)", "they don't really know what they are doing", "following a rude awakening, they will revert to form", etc.

When these flimsy attempts to patch a tattered personal mythology fail - the narcissist is injured. Narcissistic injury inevitably leads to narcissistic rage and to a terrifying display of unbridled aggression. The pent-up frustration and hurt translate into devaluation. That which was previously idealized - is now discarded with contempt and hatred.

This primitive defense mechanism is called "splitting". To the narcissist, things and people are either entirely bad (evil) or entirely good. He projects onto others his own shortcomings and negative emotions, thus becoming a totally good object. A narcissistic leader is likely to justify the butchering of his own people by claiming that they intended to kill him, undo the revolution, devastate the economy, or the country, etc.

The "small people", the "rank and file", the "loyal soldiers" of the narcissist - his flock, his nation, his employees - they pay the price. The disillusionment and disenchantment are agonizing. The process of reconstruction, of rising from the ashes, of overcoming the trauma of having been deceived, exploited and manipulated - is drawn-out. It is difficult to trust again, to have faith, to love, to be led, to collaborate. Feelings of shame and guilt engulf the erstwhile followers of the narcissist. This is his sole legacy: a massive post-traumatic stress disorder.
We will get a consolation prize. Medical marijuana which is good for PTSD will be legal and you will be able to grow your own. Because you certainly won't be able to afford to buy it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish these observations come true, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Conservatives drove themselves bat$h*t for eight years over Clinton, waiting for the crash and burn that never happened...

M. Simon said...

Clinton had one thing going for him that Mr. ∅ never had. He liked himself.

Susan's Husband said...

Clinton also had a streak of pragmatism, which is why the six years of Clinton with a GOP Congress were pretty good years.

I suspect it is because Clinton had to a spend a non-trivial amount of time dealing with Reality as an adult, certainly at least during the time he was a Governor. Obama has lived his entire adult life having other people sand off the rough edges and clean up the messes.

P.S. I miss Bush. I am well on the way to missing Clinton. God help me, though, I can see myself missing Carter eventually.

M. Simon said...


When we start missing Carter we will know that it is really, really bad.

My fear is that we will get an Atomic War before Obama leaves office.

rumcrook said...

so what your saying is a silver lining will be draped over the ashes of what was once a prosperous functioning nation, which was a beacon of freedom abd a role model for the world?

I am saddened that this incompetent narscisist will wreak havoc on this country in the same fasion as socialist scum have done to countless other nations....

M. Simon said...


I am deeply saddened too.

However, we came back from FDR. We will come back from this scum too.

Susan's Husband said...


Obama is a symptom, not the disease. Or he's just an opportunistic disease. Remember, he won the election. That's the real problem, not Obama himself. And let's not forget that John McCain was the GOP nominee, apparently the best that party could do. What does it say about us that these are what we consider people fit to lead our nation?

Dave said...

It seemed to work for Roslin and Adama.