Thursday, January 08, 2009

A New Front In The Proxy War

Iranian proxy Hizballah is rocketing Israel from Lebanon.

At least two Katyusha rockets fired from south Lebanon exploded in northern Israel on Thursday morning, leaving two people lightly wounded and a number of others suffering from shock.

The rockets struck the Nahariya area at around 8 A.M. Israel Defense Forces troops immediately fired five artillery shells at Lebanon in response to the rockets, an Israeli security source said. A military spokesman said Israel aimed "a pinpoint response at the source of fire."
I had been wondering if Hizballah was going to open up the Northern Front. So far this looks like just a couple of shots in solidarity. However, if they are opening a new front their strategy is not bad. Wait until Israel is fully engaged in Gaza and then start up. However, the troops the Israelis have called up should be ready for action in a day or two so this action seems a little strange. Unless it is just a "don't forget we are here" kind of thing in order to draw off some of the troops that might otherwise be assigned to Gaza.

In any case it does point out the inability of the French troops under UN auspices to keep the peace.

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RavingDave said...

I am pretty sure the IDF was anticipating this. I'm also pretty sure they have a plan to do something about it if it becomes militarily significant.