Thursday, January 22, 2009

Make Them Love Us

Mr. Obama has given the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, a new mandate. Make the world love us.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is taking control of the State Department with a mandate from President Barack Obama to step up diplomatic efforts and restore the nation's tattered image abroad.

Her appointment, confirmed by the Senate and sealed in a private ceremony in her Senate office on Wednesday, came as Obama moved quickly in his first day in office to shore up a team of seasoned advisers and take the nation's foreign policy in a new direction.

Obama prepared to name former Senate Democratic leader George J. Mitchell as Clinton's special envoy to the Middle East, and he placed telephone calls to regional presidents.
The Middle East has confounded every President since Jefferson. Although I must admit Jefferson did get some results by sending in the Marines. Too bad there were no pollsters back then to determine the effect the Marines had on our image in the Muslim world.

So what can Hillary do to buff up our image abroad? I'm sure she will think of something. I can't wait to find out what it is.

I keep getting the impression that the Obama Presidency is going to end badly. And here we are only into the second day.

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