Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hamas Can't Phone Home

The Israelis have gone and done it now. They have destroyed phone service in Gaza.

(IsraelNN.com) The "Cast Lead" counterterrorist campaign has spread to cyberspace and cell phones, leaving Hamas's terrorist army in confusion, unable to issue and receive orders efficiently. Almost of all of Gaza's cell phone system is out of order, television stations have been hit and the Hamas website is down.

The local phone company Paltel said that 90 percent of Gaza's cellular system is out of order. Compounding the problem are the downing of landlines and the inability of technicians to reach work sites. Switchboards and mobile communications equipment have sustained heavy damage in air raids.

Hamas's leaders, who have been forced underground, have been forced to rely on old-fashioned walkie-talkies to maintain communication with terrorists. Most of the upper echelon orders are coming from Hamas headquarters in Damascus, manned by Khaled Mashaal.

Paltel has warned subscribers that they may be completely cut off from the outside world. Electricity blackouts have made it difficult for the population to receive radio and television programs, and television stations that have not been destroyed by aerial strikes often are not able to broadcast.
It is worse than not being able to broadcast. The Israelis are broadcasting on Philistine frequencies.
GAZA CITY (AFP) — Hamas on Saturday accused Israel of interrupting its radio and television broadcasts in Gaza as the Jewish state's deadly offensive on the Islamists entered its second week.

"The enemy is trying to break our frequencies... do not listen to this," said a broadcast on Al-Aqsa radio.

Earlier the radio's programme was interrupted with a man's voice speaking in Hebrew-accented Arabic: "Hamas leaders are hiding in the tunnels and are leaving you on the frontline of Israel's Defence Forces."

"Hamas leaders are lying to you and they are hiding in hospitals," he said. "Launching rockets puts civilians in danger."

Meanwhile a broadcast on Al-Aqsa television was interrupted with an image of a ringing phone that no one was answering.

"Hamas leaders are hiding and they are leaving you on the front line," says a voice in accented Arabic.

The Israeli army did not have immediate comment.

On Friday, Hamas's political supremo Khaled Meshaal was calling on Palestinians to rise up against Israel when his picture suddenly disappeared from the Al-Aqsa TV broadcast.

"Hamas has misled you and abandoned you," a man's voice said in Arabic. "If you call any leader of Hamas, nobody will answer."
So not only is Hamas having trouble phoning home. If they can get a line no one is answering. And what is the purpose of all this? The Israelis have said repeatedly they do not want to topple Hamas. That can leave only one thing. They want the residents of Gaza to topple Hamas.

In a bid to improve the popularity of Hamas, senior Hamas officials are exhorting the Philistines to carry on.
Senior Hamas terrorist Mahmoud A-Zahar called on Hamas to continue the fight against Israel in a speech delivered to his fellow Gazans earlier in the day from the safety of his bunker.

"Israel is attacking Gaza from the air but has barely hit Hamas," he claimed. "I ask all Gazans to bear the war, because afterwards we will emerge victorious."
Well of course. Arabs are never defeated. Only the Israelis suffer defeat. We have proof of this. After every war with the Israelis the Arabs are poorer and after a time the Israelis get richer. How many more victories can the Arabs stand?

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